CG Generalist & Character Artist


ResumeHey there! I'm Mav.I am primarily a digital artist and 3D generalist, with experience in bringing projects from start to finish with success in a variety of styles. The portfolio I am building revolves around character design and modeling, and how the story behind a fictional character affects the physical traits of their appearance. I love breaking down a character to their base components, and arranging them so that, at a glance, you know precisely what they're all about.


Usual response time is 1 day or less.Feel free to contact me directly at


Includes finished pieces from recent years.
An eclectic mix.


Both personal and academic pieces.


Sold designs from 2021 - present. These are no longer for sale.


MIDAS (2022)
Current thesis project. Character model & texture, environment model & texture, lighting, and rendering in UE5. Release date 05/2022.

CARIT (2020)
Character finished for a scrapped thesis project. Character concept, modeling, texturing, fuzz groom. Rig and animation are by Ben Meyer.

OUTGROW (2020)
A 5-month project to create a short film about the struggles and worries of growing up. I was in charge of character designs and models, as well as story, minor rigging, story, concept, and sound. Created alongside 7 other SVA students, and can be viewed here.

Character concept, modeling, texturing, and moss groom.